"Our Focus is Your Safety"

We Can Reduce Workers Compensation Costs up to 30% saving in 3-years


Over the years we have heard the common response that workers compensation premiums have been budgeted as they are a necessary.

These budgeted costs are necessary and are required by law; however, it doesn't mean that your premiums and medical costs should sky rocket.

Our team is made up of Occupational Physicians and Health & Safety experts that will drive your workers compensation and medical costs down by applying our proven methods.

We understand your Experience Modification Factor (MOD) represents either a credit or debit that's applied to your workers' compensation premium costs. 

The standard Mod of 1.0 is the industry average as our team will work to drive your MOD below 1.0 and if your company is at or below 1.0, we will improve your factor.  

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